Don’t spend days tracking down local providers with heavy equipment for rent. With just a few easy questions you’ll receive multiple quotes from a nationwide network of machine providers serving your local area. Whether you need a small skid steer or a bulldozer, we’re your one-stop-shop for machine research and sourcing.

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Your Equipment Rental & Sale Solution

After struggling to find heavy equipment for rent ourselves, we decided something had to be done. The thought of bringing together a network of suppliers came about and Machine Providers was born.

The largest issue with tackling America’s equipment finding problem, is that machinery is expensive so it takes a huge amount of capital to serve one market let alone the entire heavy equipment market. Because of this very few, if any companies are able to provide a wide enough variety to service all of your equipment needs. Our solution was to not get bogged down with purchasing machines ourselves, but instead become a search engine of sorts for local equipment for rent, purchase or lease.

Machine Providers has been a huge success, connecting countless individuals with a provider that meets their needs. We’re able to grow and offer our services completely free of charge by accepting a small ‘finders fee’ in cases where your needs are matched with one of the networks providers. This comes at no cost to you and you are in no way obligated to accept a quote, or work with anyone recommended. Once the request for quote system connects you with a provider that services your desired category of machine and local area, you will be communicating directly with them to ensure you get the right machine for your needs.

We hope you enjoy using Machine Providers and wish you the best of luck with your upcoming project!