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Skid Steer Auger Attachment FAQs

What are Skid Steer augers used for?

An auger is a popular tool that essentially ‘drills’ through dirt. The large screw design pulls out the material as you’re drilling so you’re left with a large empty hole that’s the same diameter as the auger bit. A Skid steer auger attachment is popular for drilling Pier foundations and fence posts.

What types of material can an auger dig?

Skid Steer auger attachments have a surprising amount of torque. Because of this, they can handle materials such as standard soil, but also rocky ground, clay, sand, gravel, coral and other tricky materials.

What drive types are available?

There are two primary drive types for Auger attachments. A Direct Drive Auger and a Planetary drive auger. Direct drive augers spin faster and rely on the hydraulics of the skid steer while a planetary drive auger offers more torque and slower speeds for denser materials and wider radius augers.

How do the different drive models work?

Planetary models have a motor that is connected to a gear system that powers the drill shaft. Direct drive augers use a hydraulic motor that’s connected directly to the auger’s drill shaft.

Will all auger bits fit my Skid Steer?

The ‘bit’ or screw portion of an auger is separate from the drive motors and able to be changed out. There are two main ways to connect the bits to your Skid Steer, either hex or round connectors. If you’re picking up a drive unit or additional bits, be sure they’re compatible. Some newer drive units from Bobcat and other companies will allow for either type of connection to be made.

Additional options

When choosing your auger attachment there are a few other considerations. First you can select various auger bits (the drill portion) an different teeth for the bottom. This decision will be based on the diameter of hold you need and the type of material being drilled. Another option is a jointed auger which will make it easier to drill on uneven ground.


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